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Storm Market is changing the way that people all around the world earn with one simple motto: earn from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Blockchain enables micro-transactions to be carried out in an efficient manner. The difference is around human-centric user interfaces and experiences. Our gamified micro-task platform creates an engaging user experience that encourages active participation with the STORM token community.

Storm Market creates more earning opportunities for people all around the world by utilizing technology. We make it easier for members to find new ways to earn, engage, and advance with our gamified micro-task platform for STORM tokens.

Addressing the global needs of the eligible existing workforce of 4.68 billion people

A trustless network powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts for micro-tasks

Continued growth of freelancers worldwide

Gamification techniques used to help people earn more STORM tokens in an easy, simple way

Mobile first design approach to help people earn more STORM tokens, from anywhere, and at any time

Over 1.4 million downloads, and growing 250,000 monthly active users, in addition to the STORM token community

But who Will Use Storm Market?

(Storm Players)

(Storm Makers)
Gaming Platforms
(Storm Makers)
Machine Learning Companies
(Storm Makers)
(Storm Makers)

Storm Market will expand an existing network of growing users:

StormX, Inc. (located in Seattle, WA) has shown consistent ability to work in a smart and efficient manner by utilizing limited resources. With very little outside investment, our team has been able to grow a profitable business by increasing users, products, and partnerships.

We have continually added and tested strategies to our business that have resulted in increased profitability. Since the implementation and release of our "Storm Task"™ feature, our revenue has been growing over 56% week over week.

Our user base is over 250,000 monthly active users (MAU). Most of the user growth to date has been driven by user referrals.

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