Information about all cryptocurrencies

Published by el 03 Apr 2018 in criptoccurencies

Information about all cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies are digital currencies of which a record is kept in a huge virtual book known as blockchain in which the transactions are encoded and registered in cryptographic blocks. The first cryptocurrency was the Bitcoin (BTC) developed in 2009 by user Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity remains unknown.

Since the appearance of Bitcoin, hundreds of cryptocurrencies have emerged with special functions that differentiate them from the currency developed by Nakamoto. Some of them have emerged as an alternative to this and have special functions such as Ether, whose Ethereum platform allows us to create smart contracts in a single blockchain network different from BTC, or DASH that allows transactions in less time.

However, in terms of market value, all cryptocurrencies are related in some way to Bitcoin which creates a pattern in which if the BTC lowers or increases its value, most cryptocurrencies will also do so, although this is not a law but rather a consequence of the current market in which the main cryptocoins cover most of the capitalization of the blockchain market at present.

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muy buena introducción a las criptomonedas, se podrían segmentar mucho mas